Dental anxiety is common

What is dental anxiety?

Dental anxiety is an irrational fear or dread of going to the dentist. It can cause patients to delay or avoid dental treatment.

What causes dental anxiety?

Not being in control. Dental anxiety comes from the feeling of not being in control of what is happening in your mouth.

How does dental anxiety affect oral health?

Dental anxiety can lead to a number of oral health issues. If you have dental anxiety, you may avoid going to the dentist and neglect your oral health as a result.

How can you manage dental anxiety?

We understand your apprehension about dental appointments, and we take steps to help you feel more comfortable.

Your dentist in Livermore CA may offer the following approaches to managing dental anxiety:

- Tell you about what to expect during the appointment.

- Talk with you about relaxing techniques.

- Provide you with a signal that will let your dentist know when you are uncomfortable.

- Review your medical history.

- Do a physical exam to diagnose the cause of your tooth pain.


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